The Company

Novados Swim is a luxury swimwear collection that creates handmade and sustainable pieces with minimal impact on the environment and oceans.

Using materials sourced in the USA and handmade in Miami, Fl, our fun and flirty crochet swimwear collection feature innovative designs in vibrant hues made almost exclusively from cotton. In addition, our made-to-order nylon suits are created from expertly sourced materials and produced in small quantities to reduce our carbon footprint.

Novados’ distinctive curve highlighting crochet designs celebrate the beauty of being a woman and embracing the physical traits that make you stand out.

Our Mission

Novados is on a mission to slow the pace of the fashion cycle, and return to high quality, slow fashion production. 

Through the usage of natural and biodegradable fibers like cotton, and working with a made-to-order model for the knit items, Novados’ crochet collection is proud to be zero-waste. Cotton itself is biodegradable and in the right compost, the material should be gone in a week to five months.

Our nylon suits are also made-to-order, and while this material is not biodegradable, we have a heavy emphasis on sourcing recycled nylons to reduce oceanic waste. We work closely with US based fabric manufacturers who have the ability to provide Novados with recycled fabric options, and globally source man-made fabrics made from natural materials including bamboo and hemp.

We are committed to changing the life cycle of swimwear, and creating a better world for future generations. What good are swimsuits if there are no oceans to swim in? Novados will not be a part of the global climate crisis!